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Is there any encryption or any other form of security to deter potential hackers from spying on my cams? I really worry about some weirdo watching my kids.

Security and privacy of users' data is one of the highest priority in the app's concept. Current world is highly technical and security solutions are complicated. For this reason, we decided not to solve security by ourselves and instead to rely on ready-made security solution of Google, which we believe is the world's leader in commercial security and engages the best brains in the world. So your data are secured similarly to your data in Gmail account or any other product from Google. Furthermore:

  • All data and information you send over Internet (or are sent by the app) are encrypted by current standard https crypto protocol.
  • Images from your motion detections are securely stored and encrypted in Google cloud (btw. only low resolution images about 0,3 Mpx are stored).
  • Access to these images is protected by standard Google security system, i.e. the same like for an access to Gmail or Gcloud.

Nevertheless, do not forget to physically protect your camera device itself, because all data are stored in the camera as well. It is important to set up screen lock, pin code or gesture. When someone even physically steal the camera from you, your data/images will be safe.

Where are my video recordings saved?

All video recordings you make are saved only at your monitor device, in its local memory or SD card. Video recordings are never saved anywhere else.

Deleting images and videos

How can I delete more images at once?

On Motions screen you can mark an image by a long press. You can mark as many images you want and then delete them by pressing the trash button.
You can also mark a whole bundle of images by double-long press on an image. Or, you can mark all images of one whole day by a long press on the day title.

How do I delete videos?

Videos are recorded and saved directly to your viewer/monitor and they are not saved to any cloud service. To delete video which you have recorded just go to your video folder of your phone and delete it from there.


Why can't be ads removed forever like in other apps?

Because we want to be honest. In a real world, there is nothing like a free service - everything costs something. So does this app. It uses servers in the background, disc space, network traffic. All of this is paid by watching ads, or, if you don't like ads, by payments. If we want to provide you one-time payment that removes ads forever, in reality we would have to estimate how long you will stay with the app (let's say 5 years) and calculate the payment for 5 years ahead. We don't want this. We think it is better to let YOU decide for how long you want to use the app and pay only for what you use. Not more.

Location of images and recordings

Where are the Images stored?

Low resolution images are send to and stored in a private cloud (in Google's environment). High resolution images are stored (solely) in the camera. So when you browse your images, you see low resolution images, because they are available online. When you press a download button in a preview screen, a command is send to the camera to release and send to you the relevant image in high resolution. This large image is then stored in your monitor device in standard Images folder.

How do I access/review the recorded videos?

You can find your recordings in your monitor device in standard Video folder. When you run your favorite video player, it should find these recordings for you.

Limits and quotas

How long does the app retain my images history?

The app retains images for the last 15 days, i.e. 15 days in which some motion detection occurred. With 'Ads-free 1 year' purchase the app retains at least 30 days history. Alarms history is also limited by capacity of your camera. When there is no remaining space in a camera, the oldest day with all alarms is automatically deleted.

Please also note that unused cameras which have been offline for more than 6 months are automatically removed from the app including all associated data.

Why the 10 minutes limit for watching live video?

This limit is raised to 30 minutes in paid (no-ads) version. The limit is set just to save on bandwidth and sources and for security reasons. When a monitor device is left unattended, live video will shut down automatically after a period of time. It also saves on bandwidth and sources. After you reach this 10 minutes limit, you can immediately turn on live video again as many times per day you want.

Is there any limit for number of motion alarms/images per day?

Originally there was no limit for number of alarms per day. Unfortunately, some users fired even more than 20.000 images per day, which caused that costs of the app increased rapidly. So, just a safeguard against misuse, there is currently threshold of 2.000 images per day after which user is informed that motion detection of his/her camera is not set properly; after 3.000 images per day the motion detection is stopped.


What does "Can't access camera sensor" mean?

This message appears when the app in the camera cannot access camera's hardware - for some case the camera's hardware is blocked. This can happen on some older phones (models) whose hardware is already a little bit "tired". Unfortunately, only hard restart of the device helps in this situation.

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